Essential Micronutrients Contained in Youth Juice

Being healthy nowadays is very vital for anyone especially with how difficult the life is, in terms of finances. The economy has been very unpredictable which makes it extremely important for a person not miss any day in his work. In order not to miss any day in the workweek, it is essential for a person to be healthy all the time. Being healthy also allows a person to perform to the best of his abilities which can help a person get a lot of earnings in the process.

One way to get healthy is by drinking or taking products that improves different aspects on a person’s health. An example would be the different functional food products available in the market, and there are numerous choices with regards to it. One good choice of a product would be Youth Juice, owned and distributed by networking conglomerate Our World Network. This is a company that sells different functional food products and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It holds its operations in Canada and United States.

This product of Our World Network is made from all-natural ingredients that were carefully chosen to provide every person with a lot of health benefits. The ingredients of Youth Juice are seven pounds of whole berries and three sea vegetables which includes elderberry, red raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, kombufucoidan, bladderwrack, and sea lettuce. Each of the ingredients brings a lot of health benefits to a person guaranteeing that in every bottle, a healthy life is achieved. Some of the benefits of this product by Our World Network are improved energy and mobility as well as improvements in the digestion and detoxification, and also in the appearance of skin, hair, and nails. The mental focus and mood enhancement, and fat metabolism and weight management are also being taken care of by this product.

Speaking of the ingredients of Youth Juice, it contains a number of biologically active components. In every 750 mL bottle of Youth Juice, there are at least six essential micronutrients available which include vitamins, amino acids, fiber, polyphenols, terpenes, and specialty polysaccharides. There are 13 different vitamins contained in one bottle of this product along with nine different essential amino acids. The fibers of this product are water soluble and water insoluble. With regards to the polyphenols, there are at least two types of it including flavonoids and phenolic acids. For terpenes, the carotenoid contained in the bottle is beta carotene. Polyanions, meanwhile, is the specialty polysaccharide component of this product.

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